Feel free to contact the Park Office at 618-667-6887 for additional information or clarification.  Please click on any question to view the answer.
What are the Age cut-offs?
Age Requirements are 4 – 18
A child must be 4 yrs of age by Sept 1 or cannot be 18 yrs of age before Aug 31 (unless they are a Senior in High School).
What are the Age Divisions?
Divisions are always determined after normal registration ends.
Because of the variance in ages from year to year this is done to determine what works best for ALL registrants in the
Troy Soccer League.
However, typical age divisions are based on every two (2) years. In the past, Age Divisions have been U5, U6, U8, U10
U12 & U18.
**IMPORTANT NOTE: Divisions Subject to Change Depending upon Registration Numbers
Will my child be on an all boys/girls team?
Like the divisions, this will be determined after normal registration ends.
Previously, U5 & U 6 Divisions have been Co-Ed with U8, U10 & U12 Divisions being placed with their associated
gender (meaning all-girl or all-boy teams). However, we have in the past had to create a Co-Ed Division due to lower
registration numbers.
We will wait to see the variance in ages/gender before determining what works best for ALL registrants in the Troy
Soccer league.
We Don't Live in Triad School District, Can My Child Still Play?
Absolutely! As a matter of fact, this program is run with the intent and hopes to provide for any child who wants to play
soccer. We have found that our program covers a wider age range than any of the surrounding communities.
What Do The Fees Cover?
The fees cover all but not limited to the following:
Uniform (Shirt & Socks at a minimum)
Equipment (Maintenance & Replacement)
Field Maintenance & Upkeep
Referee Pay
What If I Cannot Afford the Fees?
Some assistance may be available
Please contact the Park Office at 667-6887 or visit them at 410 Wickliffe St, Troy, IL for more information.
I want to volunteer, but I'm not able to coach. What else can I do?
There are several things a volunteer can do at Troy Soccer Club.
We always need volunteers! Below are some of the areas where volunteers are needed:

Field Day
Preparing Fields in August for practices and games & at the end of the season

Picture Day
Help get teams assembled and ready for photographers

Coaches Assistant:
The Coach’s responsibility is to gather the team, set up practices, organize drills and other items. However, they need an
assistant to support them when they may have a conflict or need more than one person to keep an eye on how each player
is doing. The team overall performs better when there is an assistant to help the coach along.

Division Coordinator
Help assign players to teams (younger divisions) & help coordinate drafts for older divisions.

Board Member
The Board is comprised of volunteers as well and are always needed to keep the system going.
Please contact any current Board Member
I'd like to coach, but I don't know anything about soccer and I've never coached before?
This is not uncommon. As a matter of fact, this is more often the norm. Every year a handful of our parent-coaches have
this concern, then end up loving the experience and come back for more the next year.
A Coaches Clinic prior to pre-season practice is provided to help orientate each coach with our program and provide some
pointers to guide you along your way.
In addition, there are multiple resources on-line that you can check out (most of which are public/free) for easy to read
and simple drills for all ages. Below are just a few to get you started:
How Old Do I Have To Be To Become A Referee?
You must be 12 years old before the date of the first scheduled game (this is usually a practice game) to become a referee.
If you are under the age of 15 you WILL need a work permit.
We also look for ADULT Referees for our older teams.
What Do I Need to Become a Referee?
Any referee under 15 yrs of age will need an application with parent’s signature, a work permit, and W4/IL Withholding.
Any referee 15 yrs and over will be treated as a contracted employee.
All tax forms are provided by the Park Office.
Please contact the Park Office at 667-6887 or visit them at 410 Wickliffe St, Troy, IL.
I am under the age of 15, do I need a work permit?
Where Can I get a Work Permit for My Child?
First, you must obtain a letter of intent from the Park Office.
Once you have obtained this letter of intent, If they are a student of TMS/THS, you can get the work permit from the
school office. For other school districts, please ask the associated school.
If they are home schooled, you will need to go to the County Seat. For Madison County, this is located in Edwardsville,
I've Volunteered to Coach, Now What?
You will be contacted by your coordinator around the first week in July. If you are coaching an older division, you will
then be requested to participate in a Draft. If you are coaching a U5, U6 or U8 division, your coordinator will assemble your team and then contact you with that information. Near the last week of July, you will be given a practice schedule.
The practices are NOT MANDATORY, this is just to provide each team/coach a guaranteed time slot and practice field,
but it’s up to each coach to determine when he/she can practice.
How Many Games are Played / How Long is the Season?
Each team is scheduled to play 12 games. The practices typically start mid-July and the playing season typically runs
from the third (3rd ) week in August through the Second (2nd ) week in October. However, this may vary depending upon
how the weather is during the season.
What Times are the Games Played?
Typically 6pm for the younger divisions and 7:15pm for the older divisions during the week and 8am, 9:30am, and 11:00am on Saturdays.
Where Are the Games Played?
All games are played in the Tri-Township Park (Troy Park).
I've registered my kid(s), now what?
Your child will play either once, possibly twice a week, game days can be Tues, Wed, Thurs, or Sat.