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The May 20th Executive Committee Meeting will be held via Zoom. View the Agenda Please Click Here to Join the Zoom Meeting for May 20th, 2020


The Tri Township Park District implores everyone to recognize the seriousness of our society's current situation. We ask that anyone in the park obey by the CDC, Health Department and Governor's order to obey social distancing. It is paramount for the health of all us that we follow the current guidelines and rules set in place. With the consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic and out of an abundance of caution, care and love for our community we are closing all Sports fields, playgrounds, volleyball courts, basketball courts, and tennis courts. We request that anyone utilizing the open air pavilions obey by no more than ten people and using social distancing of at least six feet. We take these measures to do our part and be responsible to our community. If we continue to have people disregard these measures it could force the park to close completely, which is the last thing we want to see happen. The entire Chicago area parks have all been ordered closed, St. Louis City has ordered all their parks closed, we could be next. We truly want to see people out getting fresh air an utilizing the walking trails, but it has to be responsibly and by the current guidelines set forth for all of us. We greatly appreciate everyone's cooperation during these trying times and look forward to all us staying healthy.

Tri Township Park District Board of Commissioners

Cancellations at Troy Park call 667-7374 or check our Facebook Page
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