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Soccer Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the age cut-offs?
What are the Age Divisions?
Will my child be on an all boys/girls team?
We Don't Live in Triad School District, Can My Child Still Play?
What Do The Fees Cover?
What If I Cannot Afford the Fees?
I want to volunteer, but I'm not able to coach. What else can I do?
I'd like to coach, but I don't know anything about soccer and I've never coached before?
How Old Do I Have To Be To Become A Referee?
What Do I Need to Become a Referee?
I am under the age of 15, do I need a work permit?
Where Can I get a Work Permit for My Child?
I've Volunteered to Coach, Now What?
How Many Games are Played / How Long is the Season?
What Times are the Games Played?
Where Are the Games Played?
I've registered my kid(s), now what?

Contact the Park Office:
410 Wickliffe St.
Troy, Illinois

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