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Skate Park Rules & Regulations

The Skate Park at Tri-Township Park in Troy, Illinois - ILThis area has been designed to provide skaters with a moderate challenge for recreational purposes. It is not possible to build a skateboard facility without hard surfaces.  The hard surfaces that challenge the skater do pose a significant risk of injury.

This facility is unsupervised. Users assume all risks when using this facility.  Use of this facility may result in serious injury or death.

Safety Equipment!
 Parents should encourage children to wear protective equipment when using this area.  Failure to wear protective equipment can/will expose users to bone fractures, concussions, and other serious injury.  Users are encouraged to wear: Protective Helmets, Elbow Pads, Knee Pads, and Wrist Pads.

The Skate Park area is now under security camera for the protection & safety of our kids.

The Skate Park at Tri-Township Park in Troy, Illinois - ILAll Tri-Township Park rules and regulations apply.  The use of glass containers, alcohol, tobacco, weapons and/or drugs is prohibited.  No other items such as benches, tables, or other objects that can be used as ramps or jumps are allowed in the skateboard park facility. Modifications to the skating surface and skating or riding on park structures not specifically designed for that purpose are prohibited.

If you have a problem while at the skateboard park please call the Troy Police Dept. 667-6731

Contact the Park Office:
410 Wickliffe St.
Troy, Illinois

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